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More than a store, DISTANCE has been thought and developed since its creation as a real brand. We want to be as close as possible to the running community, by mixing art, travel and especially running. We aspire to share a new vision, more modern but still authentic of this sport.

The whole team has been passionate about athletics since they were young. Kenya holds a special place in our hearts, after many trips there, always in Iten (Home of Champions), it was natural for us to establish a direct and concrete link with the inhabitants of this village that we love so much.






As a legendary place for running, the population of Iten is really attached to the national sport and many athletes train daily, even several times a day. However, it is difficult to get equipment on the spot, so they are mostly wearing shoes in very bad condition and dangerous for their practice.
It is after this observation that we imagined the concept of Distance Iten which will operate on a business model adapted to the village. Distance Iten opens its doors with the idea of equipping the local running community with recent, quality and accessible products. The pairs will not be given away in order not to disturb the local economy but sold at very affordable prices. The goal is not to make a profit but to pay a good salary to Wilfried and Ladisha, the two Kenyan employees of Distance, to pay the rent to Mama Jeruto, the owner of the land and to create more and more jobs on the spot and to manage to bring our salesmen/athletes to France to take part in competitions

To fill the shelves of Distance Iten, we called upon our partner brands. We would like to give special thanks to On Running and Asics who were the first to follow us and send us test fleets of recent models. We also offer our customers the opportunity to give us the pairs or clothes they no longer use. All these products are checked, washed and graded by the Distance Iten team before being put on sale, ready for a new life with a Kenyan athlete.



Distance Iten is open 3 days a week, the rest of the week Wilfried and Ladisha train hard to achieve their athletic goals. Ladisha, 19 years old, runs the half marathon in 1h15 and Wilfried, 21 years old, the 10K in 30 minutes. The store has already been a success, since it opened on February 18, 2022, selling about 15 pairs of shoes per day. This is only the beginning for this third Distance store to which we are particularly attached and we hope that the concept will continue over time and that we will write with Ladisha, Wilfried, Mama Jeruto and the runners of Iten a beautiful story in the coming years.If you are passing through Lyon, Paris or Iten, do not hesitate to come and visit us to talk about running.
Asante sana!


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