Maurten X Beignhunted X DISTANCE
The Long Run Finishers

Photography: Adam Katz Sinding

With our friends from Beinghunted and Maurten, we decided to pay tribute to the long run and the regularity of all the profiles of runners who make sure to fit this session into their schedule.

This weekly ritual, which usually takes place on a Sunday or at least the weekend, helps to maintain a certain balance. Whether you're doing it alone or with friends, all you have to do is step out of your house, show up at the meeting point, and get started. We asked Florian, Christina and Lionel what their stories and feelings were about this special moment in their training routine.

Florian Gemmrich - Image hunter

"I was never a real athlete, but I started running more regularly in my late teens and became even more interested in it after that. Looking back, it's obvious that I am becoming more and more interested in the science around running - starting with doing the same route every other day - just to clear my head, then moving on to heart rate based training, a comprehensive workout plan and nutrition, and mindful exploration of running ideas.

I have done several half marathons over the last 15 years and once came very close to running the Berlin Marathon (10 weeks before the race my son was born - it turned my world upside down and I had to give in to lack of sleep / and not make it worse with preparing for a marathon). Long rides, in particular, are hard to fit into your life when you're busy - if you factor in recovery, they take up almost half of your Sunday!

Long rides are also just - LONG - not very exciting, they require planning around refueling and hydration. At the time, this was too much of a burden for the young father that I was. 7 years later, I'm training for my first marathon again and I'm looking more seriously at the issue of refueling (the first time I tried a gel was just recently in Paris, during our race with Remote). A few weeks into training, I realized that maybe I needed to break the intermittent fasting routine I had established 2-3 years ago because my body needed more nutrients as I went. that the weekly mileage increased."

Christina Fragkou - Photographer

"As a photographer/videographer, I spend a lot of time on the road - keeping up with the Fashion Week schedule internationally - my job is physically demanding and I'm in a particularly male-dominated environment. When I'm not don't do this job, I'm based in Cape Town (South Africa) and I like to do trail running - more about endurance than speed - in this context I learned the hard way that the nutrition is crucial to getting up the mountain and staying sharp the whole way in. The biggest challenges of cross-country running - and I love the concept of Long Slow Distance - is incorporating it into my professional life on the road - take the time to do it, know your routes in all those places... Believe it or not, as progressive as fashion may seem, gender roles are still very stereotypical - once I came to photograph behind the scenes from the Brand X / Fashion Show right after running a long distance run and I was treated to a lot of surprised looks."

Lionel Jagorel - Distance

"The long Sunday morning outing has always been more or less misplaced in my schedule. When I was younger, I had to manage not to give in to the temptation of late evenings, parties and all that could be counterproductive for training. Today, it's time that I don't spend with my family, I often have to negotiate to be able to go. But it's a privileged moment in the week, that I course with friends with whom I rediscover the world or whether I am alone for a long moment of reflection, almost of meditation. This remains an important moment of my week that I find it difficult to sacrifice and that I always try to fit in very early in the day on Sunday or at the very last moment before falling asleep. It is also a special type of training on which you must not leave on an empty stomach as I can do on my other sessions. think carefully about what you eat and drink before, during and after, Maurten products are very practical and effective for this."