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Set goals, track your performance, and receive advanced workout analytics with the COROS APEX, a lightweight multisport GPS watch that's built for durability, functionality, and incredible battery life.

  • Constantly charging your watch is a thing of the past. The APEX watch is designed to outlast your weekly workouts. In UltraMax setting, the battery is precision engineered to last up to 100 hours. In full GPS mode it can last up to 35 hours, and in regular use up to 30 days.
  • Navigating from screen to screen can be tricky with traditional buttons, especially in the middle of a workout. With the side crown, you can easily navigate your APEX's interface, this will allow you to focus on the important things, like finishing your race or preparing for your next series.
  • To avoid injuries, nothing is more important than proper training. We are able to accurately determine your overall effort, broken down into endurance level (0-100) and your Training Effect (0-6). Did you try too hard? COROS Trainer will tell you that it is time to rest. Depending on the level of exertion and training frequency, you will then be able to see an advised recovery period before starting your next activity.
  • Featuring navigation, your APEX is your best tool when you need directions. Downloaded routes will appear on your watch with real-time direction and elevation information and alerts to help you find your way back without difficulty.
  • The intelligent stride algorithm created by COROS automatically calculates the amplitude of your strides during your activities. This will allow your APEX to always calculate the exact distance covered, even if you are running indoors or in areas where the GPS signal is weak (such as tunnels or in the forest).
  • Based on a unique algorithm with VO2 Max, lactate threshold and heart rate, COROS Trainer manages your running training day after day. Using your personal stats along with metrics from your last activity, such as your speed, distance, and HR, COROS Trainer calculates perceived exertion and recommends an optimal recovery time.
  • A standard athletics track is 400m, so why don't other GPS devices seem to calculate correctly? With COROS' new Track Run mode, we make sure your runs and track workouts are measured accurately, whatever route you choose. Gone are the random zigzags in the field, or the tight angle turns, everything is replaced by the straight lines and smooth curves of the track – just like when you run on it.