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Adventure is calling and you need a watch that will follow you everywhere. The VERTIX is an adventure GPS watch that offers the functionality and durability you need to take on the expeditions of your dreams. No matter what your plans are, whether it's a hike close to home or you plan to climb to the summit of Everest, the long-lasting battery, extreme durability and altitude acclimatization assistance make the VERTIX your ideal partner.

  • With an ultralight titanium bezel that resists corrosion, we prove our commitment to durability. The quality of the VERTIX allows you to tackle extreme conditions without sacrificing your style.
  • The Sapphire screen with diamond coating allows the VERTIX to have the most resistant screen.
  • With sufficient autonomy for a Himalayan expedition or an outing on the UTMB trail, all without charging: 45 days of regular use, 60 hours in full GPS mode, 150 hours in UltraMax mode.
  • With resistance to pressures equivalent to 15 Bars, i.e. a depth of 150 meters.
  • The VERTIX weighs only 54 grams, making it the lightest watch in its class.
  • With 24/7 blood oxygen monitoring in Altitude Mode, the VERTIX is the only watch to provide a daily acclimatization assessment and indicate when it's safe to go higher.
  • The VERTIX operates down to -20°C with less than 30% performance degradation. The battery lasts 21 hours in GPS mode under extreme testing at -30°C.
  • A new digital screen for perfect control whether with your finger, with gloves or underwater.
  • Using the touch screen and the digital button, you can move up and down, left and right, and easily zoom in/zoom out. This is a completely redesigned experience compared to traditional button operation.
  • Night Mode – a new always-on mode for nighttime activities. Much more than a manual option for quick backlights when looking at your watch, Night Mode leaves the backlight on for the duration of your workout. Light bright enough for your eyes to adjust and read in the dark, but dim enough to maintain excellent battery performance throughout your run. Don't worry, it automatically shuts off when you're done with your workout or at sunrise.
  • A standard athletics track is 400m, so why don't other GPS devices seem to calculate correctly? With COROS' new Track Run mode, we make sure your runs and track workouts are measured accurately, whatever route you choose. Gone are the random zigzags in the field, or the tight angle turns, everything is replaced by the straight lines and smooth curves of the track – just like when you run on it.
  • With its titanium bezel that resists everything and its transparent fiber case, the VERTIX is a watch as elegant as it is powerful.
  • Strong to overcome any challenge mother nature throws at it, the translucent fiber frame is hand-assembled to ensure the highest possible quality.