Satisfy - Space-O 5" Distance

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The long distance kit is designed for race day. These perforated shorts make it easy to pin your number, while the 6-pocket system lets you carry everything you need from start line to finish line.

  • Perforated Mesh / Outer: The Perforated Mesh fabric is knitted and perforated in Italy. It naturally stretches in all directions following the movements of the body while remaining breathable. It is created using a laser microperforation technique called "punch-out", which removes parts of the fabric leaving micro-holes. This allows for greater breathability and lighter weight while providing an easy way to tie your number on race day.
  • Justice™ Multi-Stretch Tech-Silk / Lining: Exclusive Justice™ technology was developed in-house. This unique synthetic fabric is produced in France by a natural silk manufacturer whose factory was founded in 1839 and pivoted in the 1960s to the manufacture of technical and elastic yarns. Borrowing from medical technology, Justice™ is highly durable and resilient, yet has the feel of silk and an incomparable lightness. It stretches naturally in all directions, following the movements of the body while remaining breathable. Justice™ dries surprisingly fast, preventing bacteria from mixing with your sweat and remaining odor-free. All shorts liners are made of Justice™ and feature clean cut edges for maximum comfort and lightness.
  • Glued Seams / Outer: Glued Seams means flat seams which ensure that the extra fabric does not rub against your skin and reduces the weight of the product. This technology uses high temperature heat machines to seal the seams using an invisible elastic glue strip that stretches with the fabric.